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   Excel can be used just not for calendars or planners.  It also comes into play   
when used as math tools.  

My spreadsheet shows how the combination function*1  is used
with the power function*2.

"=COMBIN(10,2)" (45)
*2  "=POWER(3,2)" (9)

     Binomial Theorem
Pascal's Triangle

How and what (probability, among other things) Pascal's Triangle is used for
is clearly shown in Math Forum: Pascal's Triangle.

YouTube - pascal triangle animation

YouTube - Sequences 4: Pascal's Triangle
This shows the Fibonacci sequence in Pascal's Triangle.

YouTube - Fibonacci & Golden Mean - Part 1/6


    This is Pascal's Triangle Pro.
It has lookup functions for binomial coefficient
and shows Fibonacci numbers in the triangle.

- February 25, 2007 - 

YouTube - Combinations and permutation
    What is theorized in video is scripted in Excel.
It has both "permut" and "combin" functins
and calculators for any given "n" and "r".

- March 13, 2008 -

Google & Excel 06/09/02
Google Calculator

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