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    Japanese Era Calculator

Excel Holiday Calendar of Japan for 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010
and so on - or show the current month at the top   

- October 15, 2001 - 

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Excel Holiday Planner of Japan

- September 11, 2005 - 


Excel file Excel Lookup Monthly Birthday Calendar for Centenarians

Age calculation for centenarians, what Excel does not support in simply
subtracting the birthdate before 1900/1/1  from today, is shown on
 the AgeCountCentenarian sheet. 

- February 4, 2002 -

All the details below may seem to obscure the straight answer to
"who then is the oldest man and woman in the world now?".
Thus here are listed the oldest living man and woman today:

Guinness World Book of Records
"The oldest living man and woman whose date of birth can be fully authenticated
 are now Puerto Rico's Emiliano Mercado, who was born on 21 August, 1891; and


BBC News - World's oldest woman dies - March 20, 2002

- May 22, 2002 -

It is fantastic that we have some great men and women with us
and see them about to join the rank of centenarians.  Among them:

Bob Hope, born on May 29, 1903, has just turned 100.  Los Angeles Times 03/5/29;
Bob's wife Dolores, born on May 27, 1909, will turn 95 in May, 2004; and
Ronald Reagan, born on Feb. 6, 1911, will turn 93 in Feb, 2004.

May God help them live long.  They have been added to the birthday table in
Excel Lookup Monthly Birthday Calendar for Centenarians.
- July 3, 2002 -

Bob Hope passed away on Sunday, June 28, 2003.  
My deepest condolece to "the elder statesman of comedy".
- Septermber 17, 2003 - 

Ronald Reagan passed away on Saturday, June 5, 2004.  
My deepest condolece to "the master of communication".
- Septermber 17, 2003 - 


Tracking stock charts of some Japanese corporations listed on NYSE
and Tokyo Stock Exchanges for day to day and week to week stock prices
as well as the market indices: NASDAQ, Dow Jones Industrial Average, 
and Nikkei Index (
日経平均株価) with 13- and 26-week moving average 
(移動平均) and 100- and 200-day moving average 
on Excel Calendar Stock Chart

- November 11, 2003 -

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Japanese Era Calculator


Showing the era in a date mainly on the document as well as
 stamping your hanko seal is a headache but essential if you are
 to do business in Japan.  So Japanese Era Calculator would be 
handy to figure out the year in Japanese era. 
- May 18, 2001 -


Japanese Zodiac Year Calculator has been joined to the Japanese Era Calculator
- December 18, 2001 -

Count School Age for your kids, in Japan (in Nihongo)
Here is the file.
- January 12, 2002 -

Copyright (C) Ken Matsuoka